In the age of continuous social media and nearly instantaneous text messaging, isn’t email obsolete? Absolutely not!

A recent study shows that small and midsize businesses are allocating the largest share of their marketing budgets to email, with more than half spending up to 20 percent of their total marketing dollars on email marketing efforts.

Your company needs to use email for marketing for one simple reason: Everyone does email. It may be true that we have reached a point of “email overload,” but several simple facts remain:

  1. 92% of internet users have email, and 99% of them check email at least once a day (65% check email multiple times per day)
  2. Email builds relationships, trust and customer loyalty
  3. Email communications easily convert to social media posts, making your entire online marketing program more robust and effective

Done right, email marketing is both effective and affordable.  Using Communication Works Now  services and Constant Contact, our recommended Email Service Provider, it’s quite feasible to reach 2,500* customers and prospects every month at a cost of just four cents (that’s 4¢!) each.

*If you already own a permission-based list of 2,500

When you should email your customers:

  • E-newsletter
  • Announce specials and promotions
  • Announce new products/services
  • Introduce new staff
  • Announce events
  • Announce company news
  • Birthday/ Holiday/Seasonal greetings

Communication Works Now  develops your
email marketing program, integrating it with
social media and mobile marketing to connect
with customers and prospects, enhance
visibility and grow your business.


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